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Allerject® is pleased to offer you its 2015 Back to School Kit containing informative and useful tools for the Back to School period. The Kit is free and, upon ordering, will be shipped directly to your home. See details below to receive your free Kit now!

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Allerject epineprine auto-injection device

Your Allerject®
Back To School Kit contains:

11” x 17” Full-Color Poster:
An instructive “Symptoms and Treatment” + “How To Use Allerject Poster”…great for the home or school!

Anaphylaxis Emergency Plan:
An Anaphylaxis Emergency Plan you can personalize

Allerject® Information Sheet:
Combination dosage, indications and “How To Use Allerject” mini-poster

Reminder Stickers:
Colorful “Got Your Allerject?” stickers for around the home to help remind patients to always carry their Allerject with them wherever they go!

What is Allerject<sup>®</sup>

What is Allerject®

Allerject® is the first epinephrine auto-injection device with voice guided instructions. See video.

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