Can Allerject® be used in children under 15 kg (33 pounds)?

Similar to other currently available epinephrine auto-injectors, Allerject® is not indicated for treating children weighing less than 15 kg (33 pounds).

For children under 15 kg (33 pounds), talk to your doctor about using other forms of injectable epinephrine.

Can a child self-administer Allerject®, or is it recommended that an adult administer the treatment?

Caregivers should discuss with their healthcare professional when it’s appropriate for their child to use Allerject® themselves.

Does Sanofi Canada provide patient information and education?

Yes, Sanofi Canada works with physicians and patient support groups to provide training and education.

Sanofi has developed a video and this website for these purposes. It also provides free training devices.

In addition, each device is equipped with voice-guided instructions which guide caregivers and patients through the injection process in an anaphylactic emergency.

Should patients carry an epinephrine auto-injector if they have just a mild allergic reaction?

Although first-time exposure to an allergen may only produce a mild reaction, repeated exposures may result in a more serious reaction (anaphylaxis).

Owing to the unpredictable nature of anaphylaxis and accidental exposure to allergens (such as peanuts and shellfish), patients should be prescribed intramuscular adrenaline auto-injectors and carry these with them at all times.

It is important that caregivers and patients speak with their healthcare provider to understand what treatment is most appropriate for their needs.

Is Allerject® still usable after the expiry date?

We do not recommend that you use Allerject® after its expiry date. Click here to register for our expiry reminder service. Once notified, replace the product with a new Allerject®.

How do you dispose of Allerject®?

If your Allerject® has expired, take it to your doctor or pharmacist for proper disposal (never discard it in regular trash).

How do patients and caregivers know that the injection has been completed?

The automated voice counts down the five seconds of drug delivery time, and then informs the patient that "the injection is complete."

Also, Allerject® is the only epinephrine auto-injector that has an LED light which signals when the injection is complete.

A third indicator is the viewing window which will no longer be clear following injection.

Can Allerject® be injected through clothing?

Yes. If necessary, you can inject Allerject® through clothing.

What should patients or caregivers do in the event of an accidental injection into hands or feet, etc?

Allerject® should be injected only into the middle of the outer thigh. If it is injected into any other part of the body, seek immediate medical treatment.

Do not inject Allerject® in the buttock or a vein.

If the solution seen in the viewing window is discoloured or contains particles, what should you do?

Replace the Allerject® device. Discolouration indicates that the drug has been compromised (over-exposed to sunlight or extreme temperatures, for example) and should no longer be used.

Can Allerject® be purchased without a prescription?

Yes, Allerject® can be purchased with or without a prescription. Prescriptions may be required for insurance reimbursement.

Who can consumers call if they have a concern or a complaint, or want more information?

Contact Sanofi Canada at 855-405-4321.

Please note this contact is NOT for emergency purposes. If you have an emergency situation, call 911 or go to the nearest hospital emergency room.